February Meeting:

Basic Correction Officer Course

The ESLETN in conjunction with DCJS have partnered up to review and assist in the rewriting of the Basic Correction Officers Course. There have been several meetings, the next meeting will be announced soon. The meetings for the rewrite are held at the Albany County Correction Facility.  All are welcome to attend and get involved, this is a huge task that has to be completed.  The results will effect all counties in New York so your input is needed.  

Around the Counties

Dutchess:  In service starting.  Supervisor Training; may be running a part-time academy 2 nights a week and Saturdays.  It is a first for them- small group of twelve.   Tony Pica has been offered to be in charge of the Transition team for the new jail.  Lillian Gonzalez will take over training.  They are supposed to break ground in March for the new jail.

Fulton:  Currently doing Narcan Training; inservice CPR/First Aid.  New hires in orientation.  Looking for DT training.

Saratoga:  Inservice; starting another academy March 11, 2019.  They have implemented field trips during their academies he did numerous ones of them but is going to cut them down a bit.  Ray was promoted to Lieutenant and doing the same job just different surroundings.  He needs 2 spots in a supervisor school for recent promotions.  (Albany said he can have two spots in their upcoming supervisor school).  His goal is to hopefully  attend more than two of the associations meetings this year.

Putnum:  A lot going on.  In service starting next week; Sheriff Accreditation;  need supervisor school (1); need an FTO program.  Asked how many counties use polygraph for hiring - they can't get anyone to pass it.  Down five officers which is 10% of their staffing. 

Schoharie:  Lt. Newman will be retiring as of February 26, 2019.  Construction progressing on new jail. 

Rensselear:  They are starting another academy with Albany in early March.  They have 18 new hires and looking to hire 8 more.  Incorporating Active shooter; expanding DT to four hour blocks in their academy.  In the process of partnering up with State Corrections on a Aggravated Harassment Charge class that deals with feces throwing at officers.  It is a two day class. In May a SWAT officers school at Watervliet Arsenal.  Looking for instructors for the training.  In service on DMS which saves  money for the county.

Schenectady: Finished Supervisor School at the Zone; Interview Interrogation Course.  Implemented their Crisis Intervention Team for an employee who had a heart attack on duty and a second time for the Schoharie Incident. Is their any interest is ASR school and  Firearms Instructor school. Transitioning new officer into training.  Asked how many agencies have police officers/corrections (officers who were once corrections and went to police) working in their jails.  He stated that if a police officer works in the jail under his corrections certification he has to work at least one day before his certification expires otherwise he can not legally continue to work in a corrections capacity.  It is best to make sure they are dual registered so this does not happen to keep his certification valid.

Albany:  Taser recert; Running a Supervisor School starting Tuesday, January 29, 2019 modular style for eight weeks (every Tuesday) until end of March. 

Ulster:  New Boss.  He wants to look into changing the training cycles.    Eddie stated he will explain how the current cycle works and hope that if there are changes it won't affect their accreditation.   They have 8 to 9 new hires.  They are starting to hire part-timers. They changed over to their upgraded computer system where everyone had to do one full day of training to learn.  Starting in service training and looking forward to Honor Guard training in June.