February Meeting:

Basic Correction Officer Course

The ESLETN in conjunction with DCJS have partnered up to review and assist in the rewriting of the Basic Correction Officers Course. There have been several meetings, the next meeting will be announced soon. The meetings for the rewrite are held at the Albany County Correction Facility.  All are welcome to attend and get involved, this is a huge task that has to be completed.  The results will effect all counties in New York so your input is needed.  

Around the Counties

  • Washington County-  IDS seats are available. Please contact Sgt. Little. FTO pending. Peace officer Basic in May. Added Narcan in academies. 2 to Saratoga academy. 1 for supervisor school. 
  • Saratoga County- Basic Academy 4/19  through 4/28, they still have room
  •  Rensselaer County- Basic mid-March. Hiring 9 more officers to put through. 
  • Columbia County- Basic 2/27 on Mondays, Wed and Fridays part time to end 4/28. Annual in-service, 2/8 narcan included in Basic. Shield training at Zone 5. 
  •  Schenectady County-  Recently trained security staff at Ellis hospital with OC. Peace officer training for them in firearms next. Interview and Interrogation in June with Al Joseph. Aug firearms instructor school with patrol rifle 8/7-8/18. Finished 3 day fto academy. Stun shield 2/16. Woodland searches. Basic tentative in April. Will host aerosol subject restraint 4/24-4/25. Training probation with DT firearms familiarization rev/rifle/shotguns. HIDTA working with them to host additional training. Set a meeting with the board at Ulster 2/15 at 1000 hours. Polling for interest AR15. 
  • Albany County-in service. Academy 3/20 with seats avail. May 15-16 Taser training. 
  • Dutchess County- Supervisor school modular on Thursdays. In service M/W/F in 4 hour blocks. Academy in May. 4/3 DT/PT. 3 to IDS in Ulster. Completed CPR for nurses. 
  •  Fulton County- IDS school week April 3-7. Modular academy- open to others week of 4/21 Tues/Thursday 6-10,       Saturdays 8-4. 
  •  Saratoga County-Basic 3/6-4/14. Firearms class open seats. 4/19-28 supervisor’s course. Seats open. 
  • Ulster County-first cycle almost done for in-service. Reasonable cause suspicion for officers. Spring OC training, 6 to Dutchess academy. March fire safety officer course. Introducing Cpl DeCicco to the group. 

*We congratulate Sgt. Brian Keevern promoted to First Sergeant and Lloyd La Motte to Sergeant. Continued success. We are proud of you!